Pay in 12 equal installments

In order to make the payment of the driving course easier, we offer our students the opportunity to pay in 12 equal installments. This new formula should please many of you.

Classes begin soon!

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Car rental and +

Driving school services.

Why choose Lac Champlain Driving School?

Highly experienced team

You can feel safe with our experienced team of professionals who have been working in the field for several years

Official driving courses

Our driving courses conform to the highest quality standards and rely on the practical integration of the theory.

Security and peace of mind

 Our team is professional and highly responsible. The safety and integrity of our customers is our priority at all times.

Driver's license

You are offered beginner’s licenses and advanced advanced courses for all ages.

Advanced pedagogy

Our method uses all the latest technologies to help you get your probationary license.

Location d'auto pour examen

You will be able to maximize your chances of taking your SAAQ exam and you will feel more confident in driving the car with which you practiced.

Your Team:

New in the region. Driving School in Venice-en-Quebec !!

When it comes time for your young people to start the driving license process, you know that the driving school to be chosen must not only be able to help them succeed in their probationary exam, but above all to teach them a good understanding of the rules. the challenges of the road and how to react well in the different situations that can occur in road travel, especially for beginners.

Our highly experienced professional professors, with great expertise and attention to detail, help put into practice all the knowledge required to make a successful driver’s license and to become an exemplary driver who surpasses the SAAQ’s requirements.

The fleet of cars used by the Lac-Champlain driving school is subject to very high standards of safety and reliability. Vehicle maintenance is constant and supported by expert mechanics. If you are looking for a safe vehicle for your driver’s license, our driving school allows you to practice with a reliable and ready-to-use car.

Also, our car rental for the SAAQ exam and our home classes can be a very useful option for you and your family.

Our intention is to serve in the Montérégie region: Venise-en-Québec, Palestine, St. Armand, Pike River, Noyan, Philipsburg, Henryville, Stanbridge Station, Bedford Township, Riceburg, Stanbridge East, Des Rivières, Lacolle, Odeltown, Pigeon Hill, Frlighsburg, Joy Hill, Dunham, Riceburg, Our Lady of Stanbridge, St. Alexander, Sabrevois and more.

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Lac Champlain driving school

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