Is it finally time to pass your driving license?

In order to make the payment of the driving course easier, we offer our students the opportunity to pay in 12 equal installments. This new formula will please many people!

How is the driving license obtained?


 Before driving, it is mandatory to take theoretical and practical courses and to follow some important steps. In short, the first step is to obtain a learner’s license, followed by a probationary license and finally a ‘regular’ driving license. 

In total, our driving course (class 5) includes 4 phases that alternate theory and practice: 12 theoretical modules of 2 hours and 15 practice outings on the road of 55 minutes.





Initial registration is by phone by email and at our office.

During your first theoretical course, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete the formal registration. This saves you time and unnecessary travel. 

Course duration 

According to the requirements of the SAAQ, teaching takes place over a minimum period of 13 months. 

However, you have up to 18 months to complete the courses. You will be able to distribute your class hours according to your availability and your convenience.

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